Love of music, art and photography began early while listening to my mother playing classical music on the piano, spending time with my grandfather in his darkroom developing photos and countless hours spent consuming music and culture.

Some areas of interest include music, event, portraiture, travel, lifestyle, product, editorial and fine art.

Angkor Wat Cambodia 2015  "Tourists" Cambodia 2015  'Meat Market" Cambodia 2015  Faces of Bayon, Cambodia 2015  Tempe Children at Play - Cambodia 2015  Bayon - Cambodia 2015 Ta Prohm, Cambodia 2015  Bethlehem Steel Stacks - purple  Village Beauty NYC  PHOTO EXPO portrait  DECLAN portrait 2014  Lincoln portrait 1/2016 Pool Shark  "Melissa & Maggie" Portrait 12/2015  PHOTO EXPO model shoot at Bethlehem Steel Stacks  PHOTO EXPO Portrait  PHOTO EXPO model shoot  Hustlers 2014 Lehigh Valley Hackathon, April 2014  Bulls Eye  Bushkil Dew  Hoop Patterns GOTV 2014  Fogerty @ GOTV 2014  Holiday Fever NYC Sharp Display NYC  At Odds NYC  Perched NYC  Passed By NYC  Snowed In - Cherry Hill, MA   Eastern State Penitentiary - Showtime  Eastern State Penitentiary - South Wing  Comfort - Eastern State Penitentiary  Walled In - Eastern State Penitentiary  Skindustry 2015  Dropkick Murphys, Stroudsburg, PA  MISFITS at "This is Hardcore", Electric Factory Philadelphia Red Fang @ Underground Arts, Philadelphia  CROMAGS at "This is Hardcore", Electric Factory Philadelphia  BANE at "This is Hardcore", Electric Factory Philadelphia  Lamb of God, Stroudsburg, PA 
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Andrew J. Bisson