Code it… Kern it… Shoot it raw…

I want to capture your image in the best light possible, code your website, and design your brand and customer experience.

Yes, I’m passionate about design, music, art and photography. I’ve freelanced as a graphic designer, web designer and photographer for years. I’ve spent the past 4 years moonlighting to earn degrees in both Communication Design and Web Development.

For the past 16 years I was a Quality Manager, Management Representative and Production Coordinator for a custom component manufacturer within the aerospace, electronics, military and automotive industries.

Being “well-rounded” to me, is about achieving results that balance business needs with effective design: strategic aesthetics.

“Well-rounded” is being in love with the creative process. Knowing how the gears fit under the hood, from the latest technology, methodology and psychology to the trends, aesthetics and business requirements, is what sets a truly well-rounded individual apart.

Please contact me with any feedback or questions.


Andrew J. Bisson